Wild tigers

Wild tigers keep on hunting
with a fearless fire in their eyes
In these jungles of concrete
Homeless souls
looking for a salvation,
sleeping all the days
Getting comfort from the only place they know
– needles and pills
They are shameless beasts
having their moonlight fiests

Get ready to have an adventure
– If U dare
Take a tour
of the strangest kind
Hear and feel this creepy playground
of the nightlife tigers

When the midnight comes
all their senses
focus only on target
Furs, make-up and tails
stripes, ears and nails
Camouflage for their true intensions
And before the dawn someone gets eaten
It’s the nature’s
name of the game

So beware,
don’t show your fear
that you’re lost or weak
Because the cost
is your life
We have something
they´ll never will
Peace of mind
and power of will

If u can’t handle, walk away
just don’t turn your back

“Wild tigers,
wild tigers of the deepest night
They keep hunting,
blood on their teeth
with the voices of the lost ones,
never satisfied”


Lyrics written for a finnish band.

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