Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016!
Happy New Year 2016!
These beautiful fireworks were launched and photographed in Turku, Finland.

I hope everyone had a pleasant and relaxing X-mas – and can now start the year 2016 with fully charged batteries! 🙂 I´m definitely a Christmas person and I enjoy all the things related to the season: baking and cooking, getting and wrapping the presents, light of the candles, decorating the house and the smell of a Christmas tree.. etc. etc.

Merry X-mas!
Some gingerbreads I baked.. 😀

For me Christmas means also some travelling as my dear family lives so far away in the Northern Finland. Yet visiting them requires some effort, it´s always worth it. This year we got white Christmas ONLY to the North, so I was definitely at the right place at the right time! Besides, nothing beats our own family tradition. First we go to the Finnish Sauna and then we roll in the fresh snow – trust me, it feels like a heaven afterwards, just like all the worries and stress have magically melted away.. It is like a re-birth of a kind. I encourage to try if You ever get a change to do it! In a certain symbolic level it feels very similar as starting a new year: It is time to forget the past and concentrate to the new beginnings, new possibilities, new adventures!

Let it snow, let it snow.. (mobile photography)

After spending some well-deserved quality (and quiet) time in the North it was then time to head to Estonia´s capital city, Tallinn! Wow, worth a visit also during the winter time, I must say..

Dreamer Boy

More pics and a post about my visit to Tallinn coming soon! 🙂

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