Words of word

Word is a beautiful word. It is related to grit. Equally short and compact, suitable for a Finnish mouth. Words are like air – everywhere and essential for everybody. You can’t escape them, no matter what you do. In general, word is a herd animal. There are also different races of words. They habituate their own areas, but people are also spreading them outside these natural territories. Word is like a secret agent who can change his identity –according to the specific need. This everyday’s action hero carries information inside people, like the red blood cells carry the oxygen. It goes in from the eyes, ears, or fingertips. However, the effect is felt throughout the body, from the brain to the heart.

Words are magicians. They spell a catcher into the rye, a boy into the stomach of a whale, or knowledge into a human´s head.The words themselves can form labyrinths that people can´t get out of. Thus, a word itself can be a mystery who’s coding does not open – the most civilized words dominate this skill, by the way. Words are like garments. You can also choose and combine them in a completely inappropriate way. So, you should be extremely careful with words! Even the smallest word can be big, and surprisingly effective. Words are like chips. The more you have them, the more fun it is to play. Words should therefore be collected whenever possible. Words are like bricks, they can build a whole new world.

Sometimes the words loose from humans easily by shaking – like pollen from a dandelion. Sometimes they can get a little bit shy and don´t want to come out. At its most effective, a word may be like a vague stain that you can’t get out of your mind. Words let us use them as a plasticine that can be modified indefinitely. Words are very flexible with their minds and bodies, even so that they can go to the node.

Words are like bread. Many people like tasting different flavors, even indulge with them – but unlike bread, words should never be eaten – without words the world would be a very dull and empty place!

© Virve Kulmala (nee Nyyssönen)

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