Solitude in White won bronze

Solitude in White won bronze

I am sooooo happy to announce that Solitude in White was awarded in the Finnish winter -photo competition with a bronze medal ­čÖé

Finnish news channel Yle reported on this topic (in finnish):

Valokuvakilpailu parhaimmat julkaistiin Keiteleell├Ą

This image has been one of the most popular of my images of all times and it has been published in Italian Photo Vogue, for example. The picture itself and it┬┤s story are still more important to me than any of the achievements or awards it has received. For me, the picture does not depict just a granary. As it is located in the yard of my childhood home, I have many vivid memories attached to it.

This old granary has survived through the stormy centuries and it was built by my grandgrandgrandfather who was famous for being a very diligent and strict farm host. The logs to the granary were fetched from own forests and they were then hand carved, naturally.

I remember how we planted pines with my father to one corner of the granary, and how many years later my brother made birdhouses at school woodwork to be hung on them. Perhaps for all these reasons, the forest and the trees are so important to me.

In my childhood, herds of big-eyed cows wandered on the fields right behind the granary, and the most delicious raspberries grew by its walls. The horse carts leaning on the wall are a reminder of the time when we still had horses.

Sometimes, during the hot summer times I barricaded myself to the granary┬┤s cool upstairs to read the Miss detective -stories, and sometimes I hid there to avoid the vegetable garden weeding (uh!). I still hear flies buzzing and the lost butterflies wings attacking against the granary┬┤s window when I think of my childhood summers..

I took the picture a few years ago, when we were gathered with my siblings to spend the Christmas in our childhood home. The winter was very snowy that year, but not exactly as I remember the winters of my childhood being, they were so sunny and the freshly baked buns scented..

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